You Tube Launched Applictaion for S60 Mobile Phones

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Mobile Geeks
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Recently, YouTube, the popular video site worldwide, has released its application for Symbian S60 based mobile phone. You now can watch a huge number of videos through your phone everywhere and every time in rich experience than using S60’s browser.

One thing we might miss on this service is that currently you just only enable for a passive viewing of the videos. It means that such features like download, save, rate are still unavailable. This might be the next features. But for most users, the facility seems enough.

The YouTube mobile client service is still available in some countries such as Australia, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland for this time.

The application will work in S60 3rd Edition phones with the good video quality and also have been optimized for QVGA screen resolution. You can download this application in

*For Pakistani Users I Would Suggest That they should subscribe to Unlimited Data Plan.
*Second option may be use of WIFI, which is a lot faster than EDGE, Use your Wireless Router @ Home to enjoy this Application


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