Looking into the Past of Websites

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Review
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Most popular Websites have always come of age during the years, as Google has changed since it was first seen around in late 90’s. Many websites went through transition phase during these years. I have always wondered to see that how the website may look like in the Past?

I got the answer to this question while surfing the Internet. I came around a very useful resource which I would like to share with my readers.


This was how Google’s Looks like back in 1998 .Google was still in beta 11 years ago. Google believed in simplicity and there’s no exception whether it’s 1998 or 2009


This Screen Shot is of Google on 14 Feb (Valentines Day) 2003 and today it is a completely changed phenomenon in 2009


Similarly below are the screen shots of Mobilink Website back in 2000.This Shows that in 2000 Mobilink use to advertise its free outgoing calls, and free incoming calls package in the evening from 6.00 P.M to 7:00 A.M. It was before the Calling Party Pays (CPP) Regulation.


Mobilink in 2009 is completely different with new diverse product range.


Telenor Home Page back on 3rd November 2004, this page shows information about the Telenor acquiring license of GSM in Pakistan. They Clearly State that by the year 4 we will cover 70 % of Pakistan‘s 297 Tehsils Head Quarters.


And in 2009 Telenor is completely with a new look, logo and Finest Value Added Services in the Country. So going back in past gave us a look at the Companies Aim in 2004, which it has achieved to good extent in present.


Ufone Home Page back in 2005, which states at that time that they are the only 2.5 g high tech cellular network in Pakistan offering high speed gprs, mms, wap and sms services. At that time ufone logo was

Pre-paid everybody loves to! clip_image016

And in 2009 Ufone logo is changed to (Its all about U) and is Competing with new products and features.


All these screen shots give us a view that how Companies Went through transitions with time.

These screen shots are taken from the website www.archive.org , it is a great resource for the past of any website, it stores about 85 billion Web pages archived since 1996, which amounts to three petabytes of data. Only five years ago, the Way back Machine


Contained about 30 billion Web pages. It is expected to continue to grow by 100TB of data per month now that it’s live The Internet Archive organization plans to announce the opening of a new data center to house two petabytes of information for its Machine.

Websites older than one year are featured in this; Pro Pakistani is younger than a year so still it doesn’t feature on the Way Back Machine.


Users can surf the Way back Machine by typing in the Web address of a Web site or webpage and then choose from a series of dates that reflect the stored images. The site does not currently support keyword search.


The real purpose which Way Back Machine is serving is that the Readers, Researchers, Analysts and Scientists could get the resources to the websites and analyze that how a company have passed the transition phase, how and what they changed through time.

The site is also a great resource of history as if one wants to go through historical events or talks one can find it handy.

The outlook of a website is very simple this making it easy to use. The Website looks more focused towards American Society, However it needs to add more cultural aspects of the world.


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